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A Small Business Christmas

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Among the many, many aspects of life that have changed indefinitely this past year, the way we shop changed too. In the first few months of the pandemic 40% of small businesses closed. Jobs lost, families struggling to pay bills, entrepreneurial dreams forgotten. Small Businesses are special. They are determined, spirited, creative and grow a sense opportunity, hope and inspiration. Their founders are risk takers, innovators and driven. A community is enriched with the presence of small businesses, the jobs they create, skills learned and passed down to future entrepreneurs, and obviously the economic and social benefits...

We need them. They need us too.

Some businesses may get back on their feet again, but many won't.

The pandemic changed the way many people spent and made their money, and as we enter the busiest, consumer focused, often materialistic time of the year, it's going to be the most impactful now more then ever to open your wallet to small businesses rather than the large scale corporations that will make it out of the holiday season intact, regardless of where we shop.

Today I have a go - to list of small businesses you can shop and support online this holiday season (and beyond). Small businesses care more about their customer, they just do. The quality and thought behind what you buy from these businesses is going to be significantly better than any chain you were thinking of typing into google before this. So, take some time, sit back, relax and check them out.


Your Go - To Small Business List:

They have the cutest / coolest selection of puzzles, stationary, candles, home goods, and so many other accessories!

100% vegan soaps, bath bombs, bath salts, body butters, shower steamers and more! (They are also GORG).

Located in Santa Rosa, CA, this winery offers virtual wine tastings! Send yourself & some loved ones their wine and enjoys a virtual happy hour (great gift idea btw).

Lauren Saylor makes the most charming stationary items that are especially perfect to stay connected in a pandemic. She has a great blog and her website also features interior design & wedding stationary!

This shop based in CA quite literally has it all in the gift department. They also carry so many eco friendly/sustainable options!

A personal hometown favorite of mine, Grace. This shoreline boutique has it all, clothes, accessories, bath & body AND more. Check out their awesome online website if you aren't local!

Society6 is a great destination to shop at for cool decor, wall art, phone cases, really anything. All the art is made by independent artists who share their work with society6 to be appreciated and bought by you & me. They have really cool (and affordable) pieces!

The detailed & aesthetic packaging combined with the quality, sustainable pantry / kitchen goods thats a female led business? I think yes.

Based in Western Massachusetts, this female founded business sells affirmation banners and is run under the motto of reminding people all over the world to "keep pushing forward, to be kind, to be brave". Not to mention these banners are extremely stylish and once again, ~aesthetic~

Three Potato Four is another great one stop shop for all your gifting needs. They specialize in vintage inspired accessories, novelty items, stationary and more.

This might be one of my new favorite small business finds yet! Oh Happy Day is the most fun. They have literally ANYTHING you could want for any type of get together, event, party for an occasion. I think this may take party planning to the next level, and such a fun way to make your holiday get togethers a little more well, impressive.

I'm kinda obsessed.

Illustrator Becky Simpson has created the most charming collection of blankets, apparel, home, cards and more!

Typography on posters & clothes! Creative, simple & a great way to make a space unique, it's definitely Caylie approved.

The Little Nomad is a small & black owned business, that deserves attention! It is such a great place to shop if you're looking for a gift for a little one in your life! They have everything from clothes, toys, and accessories for infants, little kids, and women.

Another favorite small business I have. found is definitely My Love Waves! These handprinted art prints allow you to take the audio of someone you love saying something meaningful, and turns it into something you can visualize & hang on your wall. So special, I absolutely love this!

Pink Moon Co. is the place to go if you are looking for anything beauty related. The entire website is curated completely from ONLY women owned beauty brands, which is awesome.

Another great female owned business is based in Florida and creates the most magical & charming accessories, with a little bit of the Disney magic everyone loves.

Cooley Print Design Co. on Etsy makes custom cutting boards, cheese boards and wooden signs out of Arizona that are AMAZING.

Another great female owned business, Vestique is a super trendy online clothing boutique that might just be my new favorite online shop. Definitely check them out!


Well, I hope you loved some of these amazing small businesses as much as I do. If you're gonna shop this holiday season (as most people probably are), then please try to shop small, local and ethically when you can! Happy shopping & happy, happy holidays.

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