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And They Were Roommates...

Finding a roommate going into your freshman year of college can feel like an awkward round of speed dating through instagram dm's and facebook posts. Imagine a reality show just like the bachelorette but instead of future boyfriends, it's future roomies. It would probably be just as entertaining. I got lucky enough to have the best roommate my freshman year of college (as long as that lasted, a story for another time), so I am here to tell you some of my tips on the college roommate.

I scrolled through probably over one hundred facebook posts filled with biographies of girls and pictures of them in trendy outfits and going out with friends, kind of intimidating. It felt like I was competing in a weird race with other girls who seemed just like me, trying to have the most genuine conversations and lock down a roommate to ensure the best college experience ever. I dm'd back and forth with so many girls and ended up finding my roomie - to - be, Grace, the day before housing was due.

And you know what? It worked out perfect.

1) Don't put to much pressure or emphasis on finding the "perfect" roommate. Chances are you are judging this person off of what their social media portrays them as, and what they choose to show on facebook. Remember you are seeing their highlight reel, not the full movie.

2) Don't set unrealistic expectations before move in day. It is an exciting and happy thought to plan to be best friends with your future roomie, but forcing it just because you are sharing a dorm, doesn't mean anything in the longrun. Me and Grace (my roommate), became super close, but I'd be lying if I told you it was an instant connection. It takes time and natural growth to develop a strong friendship with your roommate. Honestly, a lot of the time me and Grace did our own thing but developed a really close bond that made it refreshing to go back to the dorm at the end of the day and talk/catch up. It was perfect, and hanging out with different people made it hard to get sick of each other or on each others nerves.

3) If you decide to go random, that is a great option too. If you would have told me this when I was looking for a roommate, I would have rolled my eyes. While I am personally glad I chose my roommate, so many people go random, and it really works out. It isn't anything to stress about. Sometimes it can be less stressful because there is no bar set for how things should be.

4) Look for people with common interests. I'm not talking about just sports, where you live, mutual friends, hobbies, because honestly, those are just conversation starters at the end of the day. Topics like room temp, bedtimes, going out or partying habits, even eating habits, can really make or break a roommate situation. Like maybe the fact you and someone else both played lacrosse in high school and like the bachelor is cool, but it really won't matter at 1am when one of you is trying to sleep and the other is taking snapchats with flash on. For instance, Grace and I both liked to have white noise or a fan on when we slept, kind of an important common ground to share, because it helped us both sleep a lot better. We both stayed up late so computer lights, a little noise, or snacking at midnight weren't a big deal. This is the type of stuff that can really annoy you if you are not on the same page.

5) When move in day comes, don't put to much pressure on an instant friendship. Why? Because it probably won't happen. You have just met this person and now your living with them in this new place, it's scary. Let things come together on its own. It is impossible to feel comfortable that quickly, put your college vision board out of your head and chill out.

For me, having a roommate I actually enjoyed living with helped make Elon feel more like home to me. But either way, I promise, you'll be ok.

Until next time...Caylie

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