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Before Picking a College

High school seniors are feeling it, college students remember it and underclassman have no idea what is coming for them. While I would never say my choice to attend Elon University was wrong, I could have done better. And here is why.

Everyone naturally thinks to look for three main things in a college search.

Academics, Price and Location. Normally I see people able to conquer 2/3 of these options, one thing is almost always left out. For me this seemed simple, obviously I wanted the best academics I could achieve, best price, and I knew I wanted to be down south. I was so sure of wanting to leave the East Coast comforts of Connecticut that I would not even tour a school that was less than a plane ride away. The thing is, I had no clue what I wanted. No one does. I had assumed that if the three factors of academics, price and location were what I was looking for or if I was able to complete 2/3 of them, I was set. The rest would work out. I would be thriving. No parent or school counselor is going to recommend you to look at the party scene at a college, but I will. Understanding your schools campus and party culture before you get there is key. How long is your walk to class going to be? because if its far you will probably skip more classes and have less motivation overall. What state are majority of the students at this university from? Because you will want a face from home sooner or later. Think about the small details that you like or dislike, understand where you are going and do not, I repeat, do not, fall in love with the idea of a place. Fall in love with the reality of it. Until next time... Caylie

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