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Best Places To Online Shop (not super basic edition)

OK. Am I a shopaholic?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, yes.

Over the past few years as I begin to grow more and more into my own style and find what I like on my body type as well as play around with different trends, I have found myself always checking up on the same group of clothing websites, ranging from extremely affordable to, I have no reason to be spending this much on a tank top. For me fashion is something I feel like I know little about, but genuinely love. I really aspire to become the fashionista I have always wanted to be one day when I have the wallet to back me up and the confidence to wear whatever I like. In the meantime, as much as I try to suppress my shopping addiction, it still manages to escape, leaving me here to share with you my favorite places to online shop.

Sooooo stay home, wear a mask and shop from your bed.

1. Nasty Gal

I love Nasty Gal because its always, and I mean ALWAYS 60% off the entire website, and they constantly update the site with new clothes, managing to stay extremely fashion forward and trendy at all times. Nasty Gal feels to me what would happen if Forever 21 and Zara had a baby. Some of the clothes make you wonder who would have even designed it with a straight face, but most, are a good combination of basic pieces that can be worn in several different ways. I absolutely LOVE Nasty Gal for super trendy denim. For it being so affordable, their jeans actually fit well and I don't feel as guilty buying a pair or two. I like that because I can try new funky styles without committing fully to the high cost of vintage Levis or Agolde.

2. Princess Polly

This might be my favorite place to shop, ever. Whenever I have any minor occasion to dress up for or an excuse to get something new for, I basically pull up this site immediately. Princess Polly is an Australian brand which in my mind makes it way more fashion savvy and cool then most US boutiques could be. They seriously have the cutest rompers, or playsuits as the Aussies call it, you could imagine. I have truly tried a variety of clothes from Princess Polly, tee's, bodysuits, denim, dresses, skirts, and most of the the time love everything. They can be a little bit more pricey but never complete your order without typing "Princess Polly Haul" into YouTube and finding a blogger with a sponsorship and their own 20% off code in the bio you can use to save some money. Also, keep an eye out for their sale section, things go quick but there is always a lot on it!

3. Hello Molly

Hello Molly is like Princess Polly but with a slightly higher price-tag and a wider variety of dresses. I would confidently say that the clothes have the same vibe as P.P (princess polly, duh), but offer less casual options. This is a great place to shop if you are looking for something super unique to wear for a birthday, wedding, recruitment, holiday dinner party (?), or just if you wanna make everyone else feel a step behind you in the trendy department. I'd always look for a discount code here too, this is the kind of shop that pays influencers a little to much to post a picture in a skirt with a discount code marked in super small font underneath them.

4. Misguided

Misguided is super comparable to Nasty Gal, in my opinion, but I wanted to throw it in here as another option for super affordable basics, and overall going out clothes, loungewear sets, cheap jewelry. Sites like this are great for trying out new styles you would be scared to try if it cost any more. With sites like this, I always recommend sizing up one more just incase something is sheer or a little more cropped then you may have thought it would be.

5. Nordstrom Rack

Maybe it's just me, but I think Nordstrom Rack is not given the true credit it deserves. It's one of those websites where you kind of need to have in mind what you're looking for, or you might get lost. But, that being said, I have found STEALS on there that don't empty my wallet completely. Specifically, if you are a Free People fan, it's where I find all my Free People for a discounted rate. I got a skirt last month from Nordstrom Rack that was free people and less than $25, it was still on the free people website for around $60. I mean you really can't beat that. I also recommend free people for Alo and other more expensive active wear brands! You may have to dig a little, but its worth it.


ASOS is a really great place to check out if you're searching around doing some online shopping at 2am, (just me? oh oops). I would say they have a variety of styles and vibes/~aesthetics~. Somehow if I am looking for a particular item like a certain style jacket or top and google in some keywords on google, ASOS always has something similar to what I was thinking of. I would say they have a lot of clothes similar to Zara, but debatably more affordable. They have a variety of different brands on the website, which makes it a great one stop shop to try out different kinds of clothes, and you can find something at all different prices. Some brands I recognize in a second, while others I have never heard of before but love seeing their clothes and supporting. They also have petite options and plus size lines which I love!

I have plenty more recommendations for all of your shopaholic needs, but you'll have to wait I guess. Sorry, I'm keeping you on your toes... In the meantime, treat yourself and check out some of these places!

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