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Book Club: Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Going into 2021 I set a few resolutions for myself, as most of us do. Whether or not I will actually follow through with them consistently or not, is still up in the air, but I do know that I've been trying. One of mine, and probably one of the most cliche and basic resolutions of them all (other than working out or eating healthier), was to read more.

As someone who enjoys writing and is earning a degree in journalism, I was disappointed in myself for the lack of effort I put into *actually* reading what other people wrote. I wanted to find something to consume my time that wasn't on a screen, and to become more knowledgeable on all popular authors and genres out there. I also hoped that through reading I would be able to navigate and further develop my own personal writing style. Find my voice.

As someone who doesn't read much outside of the sunny summer months laying on the beach, I had no clue where to begin. I will shamelessly admit, I always seem to gravitate towards self-help, improvement, memoir, life lessons kind-of books. A cry for help, maybe? Do I care? NO.

The question remained, what book would be my debut back into this *intellectual and classy* hobby of mine?

Thats when I found it, Untamed, by Glennon Doyle. Recommended to me on Amazon as a best seller. The cover art was bright, inviting and aesthetic.

Two days later, thanks to Amazon Prime, it was sitting on my bed as I turned the TV off, sat back and began to read.

I read, read and read more. I read when I was bored, or when I had something more productive to be doing. I wasn't even forcing myself to read like I thought I would be, it was just happening naturally -- Weird, right?

The book is centered around giving yourself permission to be free of the expectations and roles in your life that you may feel obligated to fulfill. Perhaps from your gender, career, hobbies, sexuality, family, personal goals - becoming who you want to be in the most authentic way possible. And, because this book is based around Glennon's life, lessons and experiences, at first I worried I wouldn't be able to relate to her struggles as a divorced mother, divorcee, remarried. I mean, I'm a 20 year old single, college student. It became clear to me through her story that while we all have our own unique lives with our own journeys, advice does not require you to have experienced the same things as who is sharing it with you. As long as you are open and ready to receive it, it can be exactly what you need to hear.

I finished the entire book in just over 2 weeks. I felt proud of myself, and fulfilled. While I won't sit here and write to you all that this book completely changed my life perspective forever, I can say that it got me thinking.

What kind of life do I want for myself?

What rules have I been programmed to follow my entire life?

How can I create the most beautiful existence for myself on my own terms?


Some quotes I wrote down while reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle that everyone needs to hear:

“Being human is not hard because you're doing it wrong, it's hard because you're doing it right.”

“The truest, most beautiful life never promises to be an easy one. We need to let go of the lie that it's supposed to be.”

“Because once we feel, know, and dare to imagine more for ourselves, we cannot unfeel, unknow, or unimagine. There is no going back.”

“That truth feels like an attack because we have been protected by comfortable lies for so long.”

“We can stop asking what the world wants from us and instead ask ourselves what we want for our world.”

“What is the truest, most beautiful story about your life you can imagine?”

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