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Gift Ideas (that ppl won't have to pretend they like)

It's officially Christmas time! For most that means a major combo of stress, hot chocolate, family, budgeting, cozy blankets, lights & warm cookies. (ok, maybe that is just what it means for me).

Christmas time for me is like a big hug. It's just comforting.

Everyone likes a gift card or a generic gift set (I know I do), but it can undeniably be more exciting to get something that feels personal, creative and surprising to open.

So, I have you covered (again).

If you liked my stocking gift guide - sit tight, get yourself a cup of hot chocolate and breathe another sigh of relief. Here are more gifts priced for any budget (low or high) for you to gift to anyone special in your life!


Christmas Gift Ideas Under $50

Coming in a variation of colors, this blanket is classy and chic for any home. A lookalike of the Hermes designer blanket, this gift is anything but tacky!

Blue Light Glasses are an essential for anyone who uses their computer/laptop/technology often. They have saved me from many headaches. Not to mention, they are super cute!

Homesick candles come in scents of cities and states from all over the country. They also have nostalgic memory and holiday scents. Not to mention, they look good.

I love the idea of this! A guided journal filled with ways to track your goals, habits, food, sleep, what you are grateful for. A way to make time for yourself. (This is definitely on my wishlist!)

The Lovebox is a device that lets you send messages to a loved one through an app that sends expressions to the box. A personal way to communicate that in times like these, may just be essential.

Simply put, Cameo is a website that allows you to pay & request video shoutouts from hundreds of celebrities (anyone from actors, singers to social media stars). You can request them to send a specific video message! Such a unique way to surprise someone!

Definitely a pricier gift option, but this idea is so fun and unique! It can. be hard to think of things to do during a pandemic, and these may just be the new thing. Not to mention they come in different colors & are super cute.

Ok. This is not a drill. I might NEED this myself. Such a fun gift for anyone who loves hosting socially distanced hangouts, or just loves to get down and sing. I can't imagine this not being a hit.

The perfect combo of music, wine and relaxation.

Packing cubes are perfect for anyone you know who loves to travel or is always on the go. They compartmentalize & organize your suitcase, duffel, really anything. It takes away just a little of the stress that traveling may bring. (They also come in so many colors, prints and sizes!)

The perfect gift for a COVID, work at home, quarantine Christmas.

This was necessary. All the fun but acceptable for family gatherings? I think yes.

*Insert favorite celebrity here*, this gift can be personalized & is such a fun, clever idea! I wonder what Justin Bieber smells like...

These lamps are a great way to stay connected with family & friends if you can't be together this holiday season!

Give a loved one the chance to feel like a VS Angel and Princess all in one. This luxury robe is guaranteed to make someone feel very special. If this has caught your eye check out VS Black Friday sales because I know $198 is a little scary!

The most classic, beautiful and Parisian inspired rose arrangements that will look stunning in any home. The most elegant way to let someone know you are thinking of them. (They come in SO many colors, styles, etc!)

Want to make any blank wall into an instant movie theater? Well, now you can. This is such a unique way to have a movie night - especially during a pandemic. I LOVE this idea. (Imagine how fun outdoor movie nights in the summer could be...) They also come in different colors!

Perfect for any host! Get it while its on sale!

This might be a new necessity in any home. Charge your phone and disinfect it (effectively) all in one.





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