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I'm Moving to Italy! (kinda)

I always assumed I would have the luxury of studying abroad during my junior year of college. London, Paris, Florence, Italy, Australia, Sweden, Ireland, I mean how can you even seriously choose? I'd be happy going anywhere new.

Then life happened. I broke my knee, transferred, and obviously a global pandemic.

I was sure I would have to save traveling for later in my twenties, or simply, just later in life. The stars seemed to have finally aligned and I am THRILLED to welcome you to my travel diary for the next three months. I will be studying in the astonishingly beautiful (or so I have heard) city of Florence, Italy. Selfishly, I am sad to leave behind my last first day of school as a UCONN student, and experiencing my *full* senior year . But when I took a minute to think about it, it was kinda like "what does the phrase college experience even mean?" Is it that linear? Does the "real" college experience/exist or mean anything?

I feel that this is exactly what I am meant to do right now in my life. And in the midst of so much uncertainty about everything else in life and in the world right now, I find comfort in knowing that I am following through on a goal/dream of mine that has been growing for years.

In order to capture, share and reflect on this exciting time, I am going to be sharing my journeys via blog posts that you can read right here -- on goinginblonde.

Studying abroad during COVID will be a far different experience then the one I figured I would have during my college study abroad daydreams, but these days, nothing that happens in my life feels completely seamless and normal, so,

why should this be any different?

As I spend my last few weeks home and begin to pack up a little bit of my life for a few months, I feel completely grateful that despite everything going on in the world, I am able to *actually* do this. It's a pinch me moment, that doesn't really end.

And for everyone wondering, yes I have to take a COVID test *that's negative* and travel with a packet of paperwork that explains I am fully vaccinated and traveling for school. And, for however different this semester may look, I am unbelievably excited, nervous, happy, anxious all at once. But mostly just happy.

I have never been to Italy, know about. 5-10 words in Italian, have a craving for carbs, art and seeing something new.

So... basically, I'm ready to go.


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