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Matt James, The Bachelor (what you need to know)

One of my favorite guilty pleasures is undeniably bachelor Monday's on ABC. And even if that makes me a basic b*tch, I'll take it.

I was so excited to hear that Taysha's season as the bachelorette would lead immediately into Matt Jame's season as the bachelor. ABC basically said "the least we can do is give these hopeless romantics and reality TV junkies a consistent source of Monday night entertainment."

And honestly ABC, thanks, I needed that.

After watching the first episode and the man of the hour, Matt Jame's make his bachelor nation debut, there was a lot too unpack. First things first, I think its cool they casted Matt as the bachelor even though he had never taken part in any of the franchises previous seasons. (For all you new to the bachelor world, the only bachelorettes or bachelors ever casted are traditionally contestants that were fan favorites or made it far in the previous season). I think Matt having virtually no reality TV experience made it feel a lot more authentic, because let's be honest, the guy was SO nervous.

Matt seems like a genuinely cool and successful guy, not to mention he is a 10/10. However, it's no secret what secured him the gig was the influence of his best friend and previous bachelorette contestant Tyler Cameron. After Hannah Browns season. Tyler Cameron quickly blew up as at least a B list celebrity for his looks and charm. Once his followers caught on that his hottie best friend Matt was single, bachelor nation was a fan of him too. I'm thinking there's a 99% chance we're going to see Tyler Cameron make an appearance this season to give his dear friend some advice, (And NO I don't read any spoilers).

Enough rambling.

Here is a quick list of some fun facts about Matt James and this season of the Bachelor.

  1. Matt James is the FIRST Black bachelor. (Which is awesome).

  2. He played college football at Wake Forest and has been an athlete all of his life. Well, that explains the bod.

  3. He is a Christian and is faith is important to him. This was definitely made clear when he kicked off the season with a prayer!

  4. He was originally going to be a contestant on Claire Crowleys (short lived) season of the bachelorette. Luckily for us, once the pandemic postponed filming the casting crew began to see that Matt would actually make a really great bachelor.

  5. Matt Jame's season was filmed at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania. Rumor has it they booked the entire resort for October & November. The resort has actually been used as a destination on previous bachelor seasons!

So, now that you have some fun facts to impress your squad with next Monday night during a commercial break, go ahead, and stalk some of the infamous Matt X Tyler X Hannah Brown "quarantine crew" Tik Tok's from earlier this year.

I feel super excited about this season, and I think its safe to say Matt is NOT going to pull a Claire and disappear in a week or two. It's a little too soon to share my favorite contestants and predictions, so you'll just have to wait.

Until next week, bachelor nation.

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