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WEEKENDER GUIDE: Munich, Germany

To (finally) wrap up my Fall Break adventures, welcome to the Munich, Germany weekender guide. Our trip to Munich was short, but honestly was all the time we needed here. Having lived in Italy for over 2 months now, I was curious to see what Germany is like because of how notoriously different the culture it is from Italy. Having learned about some of the differences between these two countries in some of my classes this semester, and then visiting myself, I can say it is definitely true. However, Munich is a beautiful place and a cool city to check out, so enjoy this short but *definitely* sweet, guide to Munich.

How We Got There

We strategically planned our fall break, and it paid off. Instead of flying directly from London to Florence, which is a much longer flight, we decided to stop in Germany on our way home because it's right on the way back to Florence! We left London on a Friday evening and had 2 nights in Munich, giving us a perfect chance to get a taste of the city and have a full day to explore. If you are abroad in Italy, going to Germany is a relatively easy direct flight.

Where We Stayed

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that we stayed in another airbnb for our weekend in Munich! It was a great place and the host even met us upon our arrival around 9 PM in front of the building and gave us a run down of the studio apartment, which was professionally cleaned, bright and safe. The location wasn't ideal, a little walk from the old, historic, downtown area that we spent most of our time in, however walking while abroad is part of the deal and we loved the apartment itself, so I would absolutely recommend staying here! I did leave my favorite sweater in this airbnb, so if you happen to see it when you visit - give me a call!

What We Ate

Our first night we ended up finding a dinner spot closer to our apartment, and it was good but in all honesty nothing insanely interesting-so I am going to leave it out of this post. I will say our Airbnb host provided us an in-depth list of places to eat by location, food category and more, so if you were to book our Airbnb you could definitely utilize this more then we did! Especially if you book with Airbnb, try to remember to take advantage of the hosts knowledge of the area and ask them questions and for recommendations, even if they don't provide them initially.

We visited Hofbräuhaus München the next day and had a chance to try a classic German beer and enjoy the atmosphere which felt literally out of a movie scene. It was exactly what you would picture when thinking of a classic German beer hall and extremely authentic. I think in this case googles definition of is better then anything I could come up with, "3-floor beer hall dating back to the 16th century, with a Bavarian restaurant, shows & upbeat vibe." We really enjoyed sitting here for an hour or so and soaking in the entire feel of the place. It happens to be one of the most historic/famous beer halls in Munich, so this is a must-do while visiting. No reservation-we walked right in!

Maddie made us all proud with this beer

Next stop on our Munich food tour was Brezelina! This appeared to be a chain at least around Munich, but seemed to be the most popular place to grab a pretzel! The one we went to was actually in their underground transit system, so super casual and affordable but SO DELICIOUS. I got a pretzel with a cream cheese spread and chives, and I am still thinking about it. Pretzels were really all over Munich, but this was a great place to stop and grab one on the go, they had a wide variety of flavors and the locals seemed to be eating there which is always a good sign.

10/10 Would Recommend These Pretzels

For dinner we had reservations at a TRULY authentic German restaurant named Wirsthaus Maximilian. Just sitting there was an experience in of itself. Music playing, traditional outfits, the whole 9 yards. We were pleased after noticing that we were probably the only tourists in there. (Always a good sign). Once again, we split pretzels but each tried different German meals which were heavy, but good! This was the perfect mix of tasty food and a cool experience. We were especially glad we made a reservation because this place was busy!

What We Did

Compared to most of our other travels, Munich was definitely a city of strolling. We didn't have an itinerary of museums and booked tours to do, but instead just explored on our own. We ended up coming across the market in the central part of the historic old town, where we got some unique and handmade souvenirs. We also enjoyed the shopping throughout the main streets of the downtown area. If you are looking to visit Munich, I would anticipate having some more free time and less of a tight schedule, which was nice for us after such a busy week.

If you can, I would try to visit Munich during the Christmas season when their Christmas market is up and running. Based off of how impressive their year-round market is, I can only assume the Christmas market is next level. It begins November 22 until December 24, so we were a few weeks too early! They also have a New Years market that runs from December 27 until January 9.

Specific Places We Visited:

(Bought tickets at the door)

St. Peters Church: In my opinion this was one of the most beautiful churches I have been into this whole semester. It is Munich's oldest church and worth checking out!

Final Thoughts

While in Munich, we encountered more places then usual that did not accept credit card. So far this semester, credit has been the most reliable and easy way to pay, so we didn't expect this! We soon realized that even places that did accept credit card, appreciated if we were able to pay in Euros. So if I were to go back to Munich, I would probably make sure to go to the ATM beforehand and bring more Euros with me then I typically would for a weekend trip.


This blog wouldn't be worth reading and definitely not authentic to "my brand" if I didn't give honest recommendations or advice about well, everything, I write about. So, in complete and utter honesty, Munich wasn't my favorite destination of the semester. By this I don't mean I had a bad time or something terrible happened while I was there - it just didn't stand out in comparison to the other places I have visited so far this semester. I think coming from Paris and London, we were a little underwhelmed and overtired, which just comes with the territory of traveling so much while abroad. I would seriously urge anyone abroad or traveling in general to visit Germany, even Munich, and see for yourself! Germany has such an interesting culture and lifestyle, one that was so fun to see in person, especially since I am living in Italy!

My roommate visited Munich the weekend after us and came home raving about how much fun she had, which shows how different everyones opinion of different cities and countries can be. If you are lucky enough to go abroad in a future fall semester where Oktoberfest is happening again, (this year it was cancelled because of COVID), I would actually insist you go to Munich! If you are looking at Germany but not stuck with a place, I can confidently recommend you look into the quaint city of Freiburg. A friend of mine spent a weekend there recently and it ended up being one of her favorite places and had a lot of the charm and "local feel" we envisioned Munich would have.


One of the many aspects of abroad I am grateful for is the opportunity to see so many places for just a few days at a time. I am able to get a little taste of each city, in such a unique way, and leave having learned more about myself then I did when I came. I keep in mind how each place made me feel, what I liked about it, what I didn't, and why that is. I will hold onto these inner thoughts and feelings forever because for the places that I loved, returning to them will be my motivator as I continue to create a life for myself that I absolutely love.

See you for my next weekender guide, very soon.
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